TGT Robby 600 XL

The lift head of the TGT Robby 600 XL universal you can turn in all directions and it is possible to telescope the arm electrical 2 x 700 mm forward. Similarly, the flexible head is tiltable up and down as well as 360° manual rotatably. 180° pivotable sideways and 2x 100 mm on the fron axle laterally displaceable by motor.
The TGT Robby 600 XL universal is equipped with a powerful electric-wheel drive and, of course, with a 2circle sucker device according to EN 13155.

Technical Data

Total weight: ca. 920 kg
Dimensions (H x W x L): 1550 x 800-960 x 2500 mm
Telescopic length: 2x 700 mm
Speed regulation: continuously
Side shift: 2x 100 mm
Lifting height: 3850 mm
Charging current: 230 volts
Charger: Cetek XT 14000
Batteries: (2x12V) / 2×85 A
Operation time: app. 16 hours
Mobility of the flexible suction head: -100° to + 100°