TGT Robby 420 universal

The TGT Robby is equipped with 4 suction cups and lifts up to 420 kg. The flexible head lift can be rotated 360° manually, pivoted 180° and tilted up or down 100°. It can move laterally in steps of 10 cm and telescope forward 60 cm. The dual circuit suction system in accordance with EN 13155 is battery operated.
The Robby is equipped with a powerful electric drive and is easy to handle thanks to a double set of rear wheels. Hence it can easily be loaded into all vans by means of a ramp. The Robby 420 can be used on all terrains thanks to its powerful front-wheel drive and deep-tread tires.

Technical Data

Dead weight 740 kg
Dimmensions (H x W x L) 1.390 x 800 x 1.750 mm
Telescopic length 600 mm
WortOng height 2.800 mm
Payload 420 kg
Loading current 230 V
Charger Cetek XT 14000, integrated
Charging time approx. 8 hrs.
Battery 2x 12 V
Working time approx. 16 hrs.
Wheel drive 1000 Watt AC
Speed continuously adjustable
Brake electric

Lifting head

Revolvable 360°
Articulated joint -100° to 100°
Pivoting range 180°
Lateralmovement 2 x 100 mm
Suction cup 4 x, round, 0 300 mm
Double circuit system 2 vacuum pumps
Vacuum suction unit in accordance with EN 13155


Off-road all-rounder